Day 10:

Success for Healthcare Professionals

This is the final day of the preparatory course and it looks like you’re ready to move forward with your assigned program.

While an exciting time, it can also be a bit scary. After all, medical programs are not easy and you want to make sure you have a plan in place, so let’s talk through strategies for how to be successful in your upcoming challenge.

Remember that as you begin your program, you will be challenged, and it may take some time to iron out the details of your routine.

While there is no fixed formula for how to succeed, we can share a common framework to guide your approach to an accelerated nursing track.

Learn How to Study Efficiently

Adaptation is the key. You may have studied a certain way in the past, but the pace of an medical program means that figuring out how to study better than before will help you learn more efficiently.

It’s also important to figure out what learning strategies work for you. No matter what specific methods you use, remember that interactive studying is far more effective than simply reading a textbook.

 If you find that something is working well, then incorporate it more. Remain flexible for the first few weeks, and adapt as you go so you can truly refine your study method.

Establish a Routine

Past students have often stated that while the programs are challenging, they can be much easier to manage if you have a dedicated routine. It’s critical that you start developing habits and systems that promote efficiency from the very beginning.

Here are some specific ways to use a routine to your advantage to succeed:

        Have set times for studying your coursework.

        Study frequently instead of cramming.

        Set aside specific time on the day to study.

        Plan your study time based on your strengths.

For example, if you focus better at night, then plan for an evening study routine.

Be Organized

Each learning component will present its own set of challenges, so staying organized is key.

You will be pulled in many directions and have a variety of required activities, from clinical rotations to exams and study groups, that will require you to be somewhere at a set time.

Successful medical students utilize a planner or a scheduling app on their phone to keep track of the activities they are scheduled for.

Keeping all your events in a central place ensures you always know where you need to be.

Your brain will be full of healthcare knowledge, so you don’t want to have to cram your whole schedule in there as well. Writing or typing it out can ensure you’ll stay on track.

Study with Peers

You will get to know your class members well as you participate in clinicals and other activities together. If you are someone who benefits from group studying techniques, then ask your peers to join you in a study group.

Different students often have difficulty with unique topics based on their background and prior knowledge. Therefore, studying with others can fill in the gaps, allowing you to teach peers while also learning from them. Another benefit of group studying is an increased sense of teamwork and friendship with people who understand the rigor of your studies.

If you are not a group studier, then there is benefit in individually studying alongside peers. Head over the library together and study on your own. Then if anyone has a question, you can chime in to assist. Being with others who are focused on studying is also a great method for staying accountable.

Remember Your Why

When you get home late and exhausted after a long day of class or clinicals and still need to study, you will need to cling to your why.

Your passion for this profession stems from somewhere. Remember that reason, and use it as fuel to reach your goal.

Maybe it’s because you have an innate desire to help others, or maybe you appreciate the challenge that comes with a career in the medical field. Whatever it is, knowing your why will help you stay focused and encouraged throughout your education.

These are only a few helpful tips we have provided to you, now that you are ready to begin your program. Reaching this point proves that you have the dedication and capability in being successful in your next step.

We want to remind you that even though this is only your preparation course, you have reached a goal and are on the right track. Take the time to celebrate this moment with your peers as you all are about to start a new phase in your journey. Congratulations!